Janet Drey, MA directs the work of the Consortium for Contemplative Leadership, supporting leaders from various sectors in awaking the inner life of leadership.  She has focused her life’s work on spiritual formation and leadership, working in both ministry and professional services.  As facilitator, consultant, leader and coach, she has a passion for creating learning experiences that invite critical reflection and dialogue.  An area of particular interest is assisting individuals, groups, and organizations with transformation and preparing to meet the needs of the future when a continuation of the past is not enough.

Since 2005, Janet has been prototyping and piloting various approaches to contemplative leadership that have included weekend and day-long retreats, 6 week courses, 9-month programs and ongoing small groups.  Janet holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, Chicago, and is a certified coach.

In 2010, Janet participated in a 4-day gathering sponsored by the Fetzer Institute exploring The State of Contemplative Practice in America.  In 2015, she was selected as a participant in the inaugural Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership sponsored by the Mind and Life Institute.  Since September 2015 she has actively participated in MIT’s U-Lab, facilitating a Des Moines based hub group of contemplative leaders.  As a socially engaged contemplative practice, contemplative leadership strengthens a sense of community, belonging, ownership and responsibility; creating new possibilities for individuals, teams, organizations and society.