Contemplative leadership attends to the inner life of leadership. The highest form of leadership arises from a place of inner stillness. For those drawn to contemplation as a spiritual practice, the journey is often one of transformation in relationship to self, others and Ultimate Reality, gradually leading to greater freedom from the illusions and emotional programs of the egoself.

Contemplation is meeting all the reality we can bear.

-Richard Rohr

While contemplative leadership often begins by strengthening one’s connection to the
inner life, it evolves with time, assisting leaders to manage thoughts and emotions in the present moment with greater freedom, and engage with people and situations with greater intention, clarity and possibility. In this way, contemplative leadership is a socially engaged contemplative practice.

Cultivating the being of leadership transforms the knowing and doing of leadership: a transformation that is critically needed for individuals, organizations and society today.


Finding God in action is a matter of spiritual experience more than intellectual understanding.  Jim Manney, SJ 


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