On-line or in-person programs are available to inform and support the practice of contemplative leadership, as well as deepen personal transformation.  Some examples include:


Lead from Stillness:  An Introduction to Contemplative Leadership

Facilitated by Janet Drey

Lead from Stillness assists leaders to enlarge their capacity for awareness and focus while living with the unknowns of change. Using a combination of contemplative practices and leadership development tools, participants will explore the impact of self care, inattentional blindness, holding paradox, managing negative emotions, ego habits and staying grounded in one’s values and purpose. A small group learning community provides support for and confidentiality with learning and growth edges.

Lead from Stillness offers an important model of leadership to the Church and world.  It invites us to lead from a place of depth and wholeness.  This course is reminder of how good leadership and spirituality are intrinsically connected. 

Dr. Brett M. Opalinski
Assistant Dean of Methodist Studies
Assistant Professor in the Practice of Spiritual Formation and Church Leadership
Candler School of Theology, Emory University


Nine Faces of Contemplative Leadership: An Enneagram Retreat

Contemplative leadership invites us to creatively engage the tensions of living more consciously in the

facilitated by Janet Drey and Adele Ver Steeg

midst of active life and service. The nine points of the Enneagram can be seen as nine ways—faces—of showing up in the world, revealing underlying motivations and patterns. An exploration of the nine Enneagram type structures provides a lens to reflect on  habitual ways of acting, feeling, and thinking which limit one’s ability to respond with freedom to life and to others. The Enneagram reveals a dynamic unfolding of mind, heart, and will to support the practice of contemplative leadership and service.

Great leadership comes from people who have made that downward journey through violence and terror, who have touched the deep place where we are community with each other, and who can help take other people to that place.  -Parker Palmer