Contemplative Leadership Small Groups

One of the most untapped leadership development tools is the creation of small groups where people can slow down from fast-paced work environments. Through a combination of contemplative practice and dialogue, leaders find support to lead from stillness vs. distractedness, stay true to themselves, to others, and the purposes and they serve.

Small groups provide a safe place for leaders to connect with their inner lives, explore questions of meaning, and find space to honor the discomforts and stretching that go along with deep change. Leaders often do not take time or have the luxury of such places.

* Contemplative leadership small groups are available for individuals to join or can be created for a group of colleagues within an organization. Sessions are typically from 60 to 90 minutes in length. Small groups range in size from 6 to 12 people and may meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Each session includes experiential contemplative practice as well as facilitated dialogue on an aspect of contemplative leadership and participant experience.

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Lead from Stillness:

An Intro to Contemplative Leadership

Six 90-minute sessions on Zoom.

Contemplative leadership enlarges one’s capacity for awareness and focus, living with the unknowns of change, managing negative emotions, and staying grounded in one’s values and purpose.