In the midst of constant activity, have you been ignoring your inner self? Are you feeling a need to reconnect your soul and an inner being with what you do in service for and with others?

Lead from Stillness: An Intro to Contemplative Leadership will assist leaders to enlarge their capacity for awareness and focus while living with the unknowns of change. Using a combination of contemplative practices combined with leadership development tools, participants will explore the intersection of leadership and contemplative spirituality. A small group learning community provides support and confidentiality with learning edges.

If you’re looking for a way to learn more about contemplative leadership, the 6-session on-line program described in greater detail below is a perfect place to begin. Each session will include contemplative practice, as well as presentation and group dialogue on a leadership topic.

General Principles of Contemplative Leadership

  • Contemplative leadership begins with “self-leadership,” a focus on who the leader is as a foundation for what the leader does.
  • Contemplative leadership provides a critical and often missing dimension to leadership development that is foundational for implementing other leadership methods and practices.
  • Contemplative leadership seeks to further awaken the Being aspects of leadership as a means to evolve and transform the Knowing and Doing aspects of leadership.
  • Contemplative leadership is grounded in relationships, including one’s relationship with Self, Others, the Earth, and Ultimate Reality.
  • Contemplative leadership provides the deeper meaning and purpose for achieving a group or organization’s mission or purpose.
  • Contemplative leadership seeks to realize human potential and improve the human condition.
  • Contemplative leadership will emerge over time through insight, experience, contemplative practice, communal support, and commitment to growth and development.

Lead from Stillness: An Intro to Contemplative Leadership

Six 90-Minute Sessions on Zoom

Tuesdays, July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 9, 16, 2022

10:00 – 11:30 AM CDT-5

1. Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up – July 12, 2022

Have you been running from one thing to another for too long?   It’s time to check in with yourself and see what is needed. As leaders, we must take responsibility for self care as we serve others.  Body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all important for maintaining or building greater resilience. How does contemplative leadership help to connect our inner lives of spirit with our outer lives of service?

2. Pausing, Listening, Awareness – July 19, 2022

It has been said that awareness is the lifeblood of a leader’s lead. Learning to slow down, to listen, to be aware in the present moment are contemplative skills that take practice but are well worth what is gained. This session will introduce leaders to levels of awareness and listening, as well as four territories for developing and focusing attention.

3. Attention and the Blindness of the Familiar – July 26, 2022

Contemplative leadership recognizes that in order for leaders to effectively work with reality, they must be aware of their own preferences and blind spots. What is the impact of this “blindness”?  We can’t impact what we fail to see clearly or what is taken for granted because it has become too familiar. Growing one’s leadership agility is directly connected to deepening levels of focused attention that are developed through regular contemplative practice.

4. Paradoxes of Leadership – August 2, 2022

In a complex world, leaders must enlarge their capacity to bring together worldviews, perspectives and experiences that initially seem incompatible and incongruent to hold paradox and manage polarities. Contemplative practice assists in creating space to consider how opposites contain complimentary aspects, that when held together, can create something new.

5. What about Ego? – August 9, 2022

While useful, the ego can be quite limiting. Learning to stand back and quietly observe the inner dramas that one’s ego self has developed over time leads to greater freedom to learn and grow as a person and leader. Leadership in general has suffered from the illusion that what goes on inside has little impact on outside decisions and behaviors. How does learning to see diminish the power of ego?

6. Loosening the Grip of Emotional Programs and Attachments – August 16, 2022

The ego self creates limits and drama. Contemplative practice assists in loosening the grip of emotional programs that hide the true or essential Self. This transformational process unfolds over time, but results in an unfolding inner freedom. We engage in the difficult work of transformation because we see that our lives and our leadership have a much bigger purpose than serving our own desires for comfort, safety, esteem, or power.

“What has shifted for me as a result of contemplative leadership is that I’m aware of my need to listen at a deeper level. I am working on being non-judmental.” -Chuck

“Contemplative leadership holds a paradox. In my mind, leaders are supposed to be take-charge kinds of folks. Contemplative for me is about quiet listening. What I’m finding is that CL is about a way of life —not limited to the world of organizations and businesses, not just about our public lives. It’s about taking contemplative practice into all parts of our lives. Its about our relationships with each other…creating safe environments at home, at work, in our churches, schools and organizations where we can be vulnerable—where our hearts matter.” – Julie

“The gatherings served as a unique mix of the best of my professional and personal worlds. I have more tools for reflection; I feel I am better able to select appropriate, timely and life-giving responses to situations rather than automatic or instant reactions that can make a stressful situation even worse.” -Steve

  • Sessions will be held on Zoom.

  • Registration is limited to 12 persons per session to allow for greater interaction and dialogue.

  • A simple homework recommendation for contemplative leadership is given at the conclusion of each session.

Total Program Cost for six 90-minute sessions: $199.00 USD