A contemplative leader is someone who understands that the transformation of our world depends on our willingness to evolve ourselves and our relationships–and is committed to doing his or her part to make that happen.

  • Contemplative leadership begins with “self-leadership,” a focus on who the leader is as a foundation for what the leader does.
  • Contemplative leadership provides a critical and often missing dimension to leadership development that is foundational for implementing other leadership methods and practices.
  • Contemplative leadership seeks to further awaken the Being aspects of leadership as a means to evolve and transform the Knowing and Doing aspects of leadership.
  • Contemplative leadership is grounded in relationships, including one’s relationship with Self, Others, the Earth, and Ultimate Reality.
  • Contemplative leadership provides the deeper meaning and purpose for achieving a group or organization’s mission or purpose.
  • Contemplative leadership seeks to realize human potential and improve the human condition.
  • Contemplative leadership will emerge over time through insight, experience, contemplative practice, communal support, and commitment to growth and development.