Small Groups

One of the most untapped leadership development tools is the creation of small groups where people can slow down from fast-paced work environments. Through a combination of contemplative practice and dialogue, leaders find support to stay true to themselves, to others, and the purposes and they serve.

Small groups provide a safe place for leaders to connect with their inner lives, explore questions of meaning, and find space to honor the discomforts and stretching that go along with deep change.  Leaders often do not take time or have the luxury of such places.

As groups create psychological safety, they become communities of trust. Leaders can find support for their growing edges and  learn to hold the tension of opposites until new insights emerge.

Something is liberated…a power we did not know we had, a hope, a capacity for life, a resilience, an ability to bounce back, a capacity to grow and change, a power of creative transformation.  – Thomas Merton

Small groups are practice communities for incubating the seeds of change needed for our times.  By helping leaders to evolve personal, social and organizational consciousness, leaders are freed to direct their minds and hearts and energies to the truly important issues of our common human existence.

Small Groups assist leaders to:

  • Pause for reflection and renewal
  • Tap into what is most important and “true” and lead from this place
  • Align behavior with values and purpose
  • Learn and grow; continue learning even after we think we “know it all”
  • Create community and remind ourselves of what unites us instead of divides
  • Engage with mindfulness, heartfulness and intention
  • Hear oneself think; listen to others
  • Question our assumptions
  • Open to hidden areas and blind spots
  • Face fears and move into the ambiguity of unfamiliar territory
  • Gather courage; test and explore new ways of being, knowing and doing
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