The Consortium for Contemplative Leadership advances the awareness and practice of contemplative leadership through leadership formation, research, published works, advocacy, and support through peer-to-peer networking. 

What Clients and Peers are Saying

Leaders from various sectors talk about how contemplative leadership has impacted their lives and work.
Dr. David McInally

Dr. David McInally

President Emeritas, Coe College

I have always been drawn to people who lead from a place of authenticity, rather than organizational authority. Understanding ourselves is essential to genuine and transformative leadership, and the practice of contemplative leadership leads not only to greater personal fulfillment, but also to more productive and successful organizations. Janet brings this concept to life in small group discussions, her ability to engage participants and to challenge traditional ways of thinking about leadership.

The Rev. Christa M. Compton, PhD

The Rev. Christa M. Compton, PhD

Chatham, NJ

Being loud and being busy have unfortunately become hallmarks of what our culture considers effective leadership. Contemplative leadership invites us into a deeper kind of attention, a sacred way of listening and reflecting that can transform the contexts in which we lead and renew our capacity to do the work courageously. I am grateful to Janet for introducing me to the core principles and practices of contemplative leadership which are reshaping my daily work in important ways.

Curtis Prunty, Market Dir of Mission

Curtis Prunty, Market Dir of Mission

CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial

The Contemplative leadership program has, single-handedly, been the most transformational investment I have made as a leader. Janet's cohorts and personal coaching experiences have truly helped me to discover stillness and reflection, uncover egoic obstacles, and understand myself at the deepest levels, resulting in personal and spiritual growth and increased presence. If you truly want to experience unparalleled growth as a leader, Contemplative leadership is your answer!

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